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Nadim Mehanna Biography
Nadim Mehanna was born in Lebanon in 1967, he is fluent in Arabic, French, English, and fair in Italian and German.

Education and Trainings:

Engineering in France 1986 Awarded a Bachelor of Science in Automotive Engineering in France: "Ingénieur en Construction Automobile"
renault Sport 1987 Advanced Training at Renault Sport Boulogne - France
VW-Audi-Porsche 1988 Advanced Training at Oettinger (VW-Audi-Porsche) - Germany.
Porsche Research 1989 Advanced Training at Porsche Research and Development in Weissach - Germany.
Training at Vector in Los Angeles 1991 Advanced Training at Vector in Los Angeles - U.S.A
Driving Skills 1987 Racing Driving school at Montlhery Driving Skills on Tarmac - France.
G.E.T Driving Skills 1987 Racing Driving school at G.E.T Driving Skills on Gravel - France
Chamonix Driving Skills 1988 Racing Driving school at Chamonix Driving Skills on Ice and Snow - France.
Rally Driver on snow 1986 to 1993 Rally Driver on snow, tarmac and gravel.
Porsche Club founder 1993 Porsche Club Founder and President in Lebanon.
Universal Studios and Warner Brothers in Hollywood-USA 1997 Degrees in Television and Cinematography directing and producing at Universal Studios and Warner Brothers in Hollywood - USA.
Elite 1998 "Elite" Degree in Special Effects Simulation and Cinematography of Dynamic Objects in Motion in New York - USA.
F1 Track 2000 Formula One training and driving at Catalunya F1 Track (Spain) on Damon Hill’s Arrows F1 Car.
Airplane Pilot 2001 Licensed Private Airplane Pilot.
Paul Ricard F1 Track 2006 Formula One training and driving at Paul Ricard F1 Track (France) on Renault F1 Car.

Jobs Occupied:

Al Mouharrek 1993-1994 as Managing Director of "Al Mouharrek" car magazine (Middle East)
Magazine 1993-1998 as the Motoring Editor of "Magazine" political magazine (Lebanon)
Prestige 1993-1998 as the Motoring Editor of "Prestige" social magazine (Middle East)
Automobile 1995-1996 as the General Consultant of "Automobile" car magazine (Middle East)
Chroniques 1995-1997 as the Motoring Editor of "Chroniques" social magazine (Middle East)
LBCI TV 1993-1999 as the Motoring and Motorsports Producer at LBCI TV and LBC Sat TV.
TELEAUTO 1993-1999 as the Presenter, Producer and Director of "TELEAUTO", the first and leading motoring TV show (at that time), on LBCI and LBC Sat.
WORLD OF ACTION 1995-1999 as the Presenter, Producer and Director of "World of Action", a Hi-tech Motorsport TV Show covering motor sports activities Worldwide on LBC Sat.
FORMULA ONE 1993-1999 as the Initiator, Producer and Presenter of all "Formula One" Grand Prix on LBCI.
MOTORSHOW 1999-2002 as the Presenter, Producer and Director of "MOTORSHOW" on MTV.
ALAM AL SAYARAT 1999-2003 as the Presenter, Producer and Director of "Alam Al Sayarat" motoring TV show on MBC for the World.
Formula One 2000-2001 as the Producer and Presenter of all "Formula One" Grand Prix on MTV. As of May 2003 as the Presenter, Producer and Director of "MOTORSHOW" on NTV and Dubai TV for the World.
SPEED As of November 2003 as the Presenter, Producer and Director of "SPEED Motoring TV show on Al Jazeera for the World.
RPM As of September 2007 as the Producer and Director of "RPM" motoring TV show on Qatar TV for the World.
Tasamim As of December 2007 as the Producer and Director of "Tasamim" Design and Decoration TV Show for several Middle East and North African Channels.
Techno Al Aaser As of December 2007 as the Producer and Director of "Techno Al Aaser" IT and Electronics TV Show for several Middle East and North African Channels.
boats As of September 2010, "MotorShow" the Middle East's First and Leading Motoring TV Show, has been syndicated, hence released on MTV exclusively in Lebanon, and broadcasted on more than 10 Premium TV channel in the Pan Arab and the World.


In 1999, Nadim Mehanna founded N.M.PRO. a Multi-Media Production Company producing state of the art Motoring and Hi-Tech TV shows for the World and the Middle East aired on various prestigious satellite and terrestrial networks.
N.M.PRO. also produced and produces top level TV commercials for motoring and various products in film or digital formats, produces and post-produces Video Releases (VNR) and Information Videos.
N.M.PRO. organized and organizes Hi-Tech and Motoring events for several car manufacturers and Multinational companies.
N.M.PRO. offers full multimedia means to give its events a complete and interactive coverage with comprehensive exposure on Television, Print and extensively On-Line.
N.M.PRO. offers a multi-language (Arabic, French and English) Motoring Editorial Material for both Newspapers and Magazines supported by exclusive and state-of-the-art related Photos.
N.M.PRO. established in 2004 a new branch at Dubai Media City based in building number 8.

NMPRO in brief:

NMPRO is a full-service production company offering the finest film and multimedia solutions in Lebanon and the Middle East. NMPRO provides production services for all kind of projects ranging from feature films, complex events, motion pictures, corporate videos, television shows, documentaries, trailers, music videos, online clips, social medias activations, to viral marketing and of course TV commercials, all of it entirely backed up by complete studios, animations, computer-generated imagery (CGI), 3D and digital HD post production services.

Throughout more than 20 years, we have mastered offering our prestigious clients the best creative and production solutions when it comes to audio visual and film, flawlessly liaising with their advertising and public relations agencies to come up with the ideal storyboard and transforming it into any aspect of media success story: “When it’s too challenging and others fail, hand it over to NMPRO

In 1992, we initiated Motoring and Formula 1 on Television in the Middle East, and started producing the first motoring TV show in the Pan Arab, it was titled Tele Auto on LBC and then became MOTORSHOW on MTV and MBC. In parallel and as of April 1999, we started producing several others Motoring TV shows such as SPEED, RPM, Cars’ World and more, for and on behalf of premium TV channels Like Al Jazeera, New TV, Dubai TV, MTV Middle East, Qatar TV, Bahrain TV, Rotana and Al Libyia; our weekly programs include everything that is related to the Motoring and Motor-sports together with Boats, Planes and Motorcylcles, these shows are aired on various channels for the Middle East and the World free-to-air.

Since 2010, MotorShow became syndicated and established itself as the Motoring TV show of the Middle East, tailored with utmost Hi-Tech to meet with the international standards of our TV Partners and offering their viewers worldwide the best and latest of the Automotive Industry.

MotorShow is also released on-board most of the prestigious Airlines of the Middle East within their In-flight video entertainment, such as Emirates, MEA Middle East Airlines, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, Al Wataniyah, Etihad Airways, Oman Air, Kuwait Airways, Fly Dubai and much more.
The combined reach of MotorShow attains an audience of more than 100 million viewers every week!

In 2002, NMPRO founded and launched www.motorshow.me the World's Largest Motoring Website made specially for the motoring society and the car fans of the Middle East and the world, a website where visitors can watch more than 4,000 hours of Video-on-Demand added to our Free Web TV broadcasting worldwide 24 hours a day. On our “Motoring Planet”, you can also enjoy looking at more than 2 million motoring photos correlated to more than 20,000 Editorial releases in Arabic, French and English. As per “Webtrends” the US esteemed Web monitoring platform, www.motorshow.me is visited by around 5,000 browsers per day connecting from all over the world, a figure which generates around 200,000 impressions daily.

Additionally, our digital network is also widely spread on the social Medias and very popular on:

-Facebook through our Fan Page: www.facebook.com/motorshowme
-YouTube through our Channel: www.youtube.com/motorshow
-Twitter through our Page: www.twitter.com/motorshowme
-Blog through: www.motorshow.me/blog

Moreover and because at NMPRO Content is our specialty, we have established in 2009 an entire “VAS” Value Added Service that provides all major Telecom Operators and Aggregators of the Middle East, with Hi-Tech Motoring and IT content in any digital format ready to be offered to their subscribers.

And to really cover all the multimedia aspects of Motoring Journalism NMPRO is regularly contributing with a prestigious bouquet of high-end Pan Arab Magazines as Motoring Consultants by releasing monthly test-drives and very frank opinions about the Car industry through exclusive avant-garde features in:

-The Middle East's Leading Business Magazine: “Executive”.
-The First People Magazine in the Middle East “Prestige” a French monthly.
-The reference among In-flight Magazines “Cedar Wings” the bi-lingual “Book” that is being read by more than 100,000 Passengers flying on Middle East Airlines every month.

AURA “The Stars Maker”

In 2004, NMPRO founded and launched AURA, a makeover and shadowing agency to help enhance the standard of Events and fine-tune the image of Public Figures, through coaching communication skills, physical attire, body language and media trainings.

AURA is shadowing and taking care of:
-Politicians and those who are planning political careers
-Artists and those who want to enter the show business
-TV presenters and Show Hosts willing to enhance their performance
Also AURA can be hired on consultancy basis by those who are planning a public event and want it flawless.

Information Technology

In 2006, NMPRO started producing Exclusive Information Technology TV Shows (IT) for and on behalf of various TV channels in the Arab World covering everything that is related to High-Tech, Electronics, Communications, Video games, and all kind of Computerized components.

Decoration and Design

In 2008, NMPRO started producing Exclusive Decoration and Design TV Shows for and on behalf of various TV channels in the Arab World covering everything that is related to Interior Design, Mega Projects, Arts, Exhibitions, Furniture, Materials and Fabrics, Towers, Resorts, Showrooms, Lighting, Gardens and all aspects of Architecture and Interior Design.
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