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The New Zenith El Primero Skeleton is dedicated to the Rolling Stones

The New Zenith El...
06/11/2016 at 10:00 AM
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Zenith, MotorShow’s official timekeeper

Since 2014, Zenith has been accompanying the living legends of rock – The Rolling Stones – on the international scene. In honor of the famous British band, the brand with the guiding star presents an equally legendary special series which embodies their signature rock’n’roll style. Black ceramic, an open worked dial, a fast-paced El Primero ‘engine’ and design nods to the global rockers are the keynotes of these 250 fiery-spirited chronographs!

The new Zenith chronograph is a wristworn legend dedicated to the Rolling Stones that leaves no doubt as to its kinship with the British stars that inspired its creation.

An imposing 45 mm black ceramic case frames an openworked dial setting the scene for a spectacular high-flying mechanical show.

This three-dimensional display features a Stones symbol small seconds indication, in yet another reference to the fabled musicians.


Time to hit the stage!

Rock stars rule

The restless and ardent spirit of this famous rock band meets the creative daring of the brand with the guiding star.

Embodying this union, the El Primero Skeleton Tribute to The Rolling Stones in ceramic – the first use of this material in the Zenith range – is a compendium of rock attitude features. This powerfully structured column-wheel chronograph in deep black with red accents boasts an athletic build with a competition-grade beating heart. Its skeleton-type construction vividly showcases the El Primero mechanism. Housed in a case water-resistant to 100 meters, this openwork display features hands evoking the neck of a Fender Telecaster 1950s electric guitar, along with luminescent nickel-plated hour-markers. The red color of the star-tipped center seconds hand matches that of the date, with its cut-out numerals standing out boldly against a crimson dot at 6 o’clock. In a powerful visual echo, the famous “tongue and lips” logo inspired by the mouth of lead singer Mick Jagger appears on the second disc, spinning like a vinyl record on a turntable.



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