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The MotorShow Multimedia Network

09 Oct 2010

MotorShow is owned and managed by Automotive Engineer and Film Director, Nadim Mehanna, who was the pioneer in establishing most of the modern motoring medias in the Middle East since 25 years. Together with his specialized MotorShow team, they released the first motoring TV Show in the Arab world, the first motoring Website, the first motoring Facebook Page, first motoring In-flight Entertainment Program, the first motoring App, the first motoring Newsletter, the first F1 TV broadcast, the first Rally live on TV, the first HD/3D motoring production and the first UHD motoring productions in the Middle East. Today MotorShow owns and feeds more than 40 premium medias reaching millions of viewers, browsers, travelers, readers and mobile users across the Pan Arab region as follows:

On Television:
We own and produce MotorShow, the Middle East’s First and Leading Car Show since 1992, which is syndicated and airs on several TV channels reaching millions of viewers per week!
MotorShow” is broadcasted now on: MTV, Alsumaria TV, Bahrain TV, Kuwait TV and on various North African channels in their language, added to several other premium TV Channels releasing MotorShow on season basis such as Rotana TV, Al Jazeera Documentary and Qatar TV to name few.

In the sky:
MotorShow” is also flying through the region’s most of the In-flight entertainment services, and you can watch it onboard Emirates Airlines, MEA, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, Al Wataniyah, Etihad Airways, Oman Air, Kuwait Airways, Air Arabia, Fly Dubai, Royal Jordanian, Iraqi Airways, Lufthansa (all flights) and British Airways (all flights)..

- We own and run www.motorshow.me, the world's largest motoring website in terms of premium content including a 24/7 WebTV, 4,300 hours of Video on Demand and displaying more than 2,2 million photos together with their related editorials in Arabic, French and English. www.motorshow.me generates between 20,000 and 40,000 unique sessions per day, as per Google Analytics. And with more than 50 percent of visitors to www.motorshow.me doing so through mobile devices, we have of course tailored a dedicated mobile website that is fully optimized to ensure easy, fast and convenient viewing across all smart phones and tablets regardless of various screen sizes.
- We also handle the Motoring section of www.Ra2ed.com, an Arabic Men's Lifestyle portal featuring business news, cars, technology, luxury, fashion, relationships, celebrities, sports and much more… This website attracts more than 60,000 unique visitors per day, mostly from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region.
- MotorShow (http://goo.gl/2gYrzr) has its own online channel on OLN (http://goo.gl/paQtPB) “Online TV Network” which has the highest mix of various online channels in the Middle East.

MotorShow is definitely there through:
- Our verified Facebook Fan page (www.facebook.com/motorshowme) which has exceeded 500,000 organic real fans from the Middle East
- Our YouTube Channel (www.youtube.com/motorshow) where some of our videos do exceed 350,000 viral views
- Our Instagram Page (www.instagram.com/motorshowme) which has exceeded 120,000 follower
- Our Twitter Page (www.twitter.com/motorshowme) which has exceeded 180,000 follower
-The MotorShow Newsletter:
Our dedicated motoring editorial team wraps up every week the most viewed topics together with our latest releases from the entire MotorShow multimedia network and shares it with our registered wide audience of motoring fans and executives from the Middle East, through our concise Newsletter.

Editorially: The objective and analytic "MotorShow Special Features" are monthly released within:
- "Executive" the Business Magazine of the Middle East.
- "Prestige" the First People Magazine in the Middle East.
- "Cedar Wings" the bi-lingual “Book” that is being read by more than 100,000 Passengers flying on Middle East Airlines every month.

Through Telecom:
The “Best of MotorShow” is also offered through “VAS” (Value Added Services) providing all major PanArab Telecom Operators and Aggregators with the latest in Motoring, for them to feed it to their "Automotive News" subscribers, across the whole Middle East.

MotorShow App:
The MotorShow App was launched in 2012, in dual language (Arabic and English) and is regularly updated/upgraded on all stores for iPhone/iPad (https://goo.gl/s76BXo) and for Android (https://goo.gl/Ou1K82) revealing the “MotorShow” content for all Smart Phones and Tablets users for free.

Markets and Reach
Our reach is spread on the GCC and Pan Arab markets roughly as follows:













To conclude, and in other words, every topic we cover on MotorShow, if released on our entire Multimedia Network, can have a combined reach of some 100 million viewer, browser, mobile user, traveler and reader!

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McLaren September 2017 - 300-250

Volvo XC60 300*250
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