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* E-Type UK has listed an ultra-rare Jaguar E-Type for sale following its return to Britain from the USA
* The Series 1 4.2 Open Two-Seater model started life in California back in 1967 in US spec, but has since come home and received a raft of upgrades from E-Type UK to make it suitable for modern driving
* Finished in striking British Racing Green paint, the car has been kept in immaculate condition throughout its life and used sparingly
* It is available to purchase for £145,000
* Watch the E-Type in action here: https://youtu.be/Uow7zAs2MCQ

Kent, 20 March 2018

E-Type UK - one of the world's leading authorities for all things Jaguar E-Type - is offering an extremely rare Series 1 Jaguar E-Type 4.2 Open Two Seater for sale.

Born in 1967, the E-Type listed was originally purchased by American Richard J Neilam, who took delivery of the car from his local Jaguar dealership in California.

E-Type 4.2s were built to compete with the US sports cars' contemporary V8 engines, and Neilam was one of many across the pond benefiting from the improved usability and drive of the enhanced models.

The stunning model on sale at E-Type UK is believed to have spent the majority of its life in and around California before being imported back to British shores in the middle of 2011 - when it was brought to E-Type UK for comprehensive work.

The owner requested that the car be brought up to date and ready for modern driving, so E-Type UK's talented team got to work on substantial conversion and upgrade work.

It was completely converted to UK Series 1 specification, including a right-hand-drive conversion, triple SU carburetor upgrade, headlight closing and Series 1 dash conversion. The car was also upgraded with a five-speed gearbox, aluminium radiator and header tank, electronic ignition and wider triple-lace wheels.

It retained its original - and rather stunning - British Racing Green colour scheme, together with the contrasting beige interior.

All of this amounts to a truly remarkable E-Type with the ability to both keep up with modern traffic and perform on par with contemporary sports cars, all with the unrivalled style and flair of the original model.

Due to regular check-overs and professional maintenance, the car is mechanically perfect and drives excellently. E-Type UK has serviced the car fully on a regular basis and has carried out all work needed for an advisory-free MOT. All UK documentations as well as the original handbook and heritage certificate are present with the car.

Marcus Holland, Owner/Managing Director of E-Type UK, said: "This stunning 1967 E-Type is a fine example of exactly what we're capable of at E-Type UK. It's been upgraded by our incredible staff to both bring it up to date with modern demands and to UK spec - and the result is remarkable. This is a chance for one lucky buyer to own a truly fantastic Jaguar that's ready to fire up and hit the road straight from our showroom."

Founded in 2008, E-Type UK is one of the leading authorities for sales, restoration, maintenance and upgrades for the iconic Jaguar E-Type, earning a stellar reputation for the attention to detail and precision of its work as well as the approachable and professional nature of its team.

E-Type UK was born out of passion for a truly iconic car that it wanted to see return to its former glory. Thanks to its knowledgeable, skilled and committed workforce, the company has moved from strength to strength and now prides itself on providing the ultimate E-Type experience.

Under the control of father and son duo Dominic and Marcus Holland, E-Type UK has single-model expertise - all of E-Type UK's work is performed on the E-Type alone, allowing it to be innovative and push the boundaries.

The company specialises in E-Type upgrades, including pioneering V12 and XK fuel-injection systems, as well as five-speed gearboxes. These are just two ways E-Type UK is able to add something extra special and completely unique to the driving experience while retaining originality and remaining true to the marque.

Thanks to E-Type UK's outstanding reputation, it's been able to build strong global connections all centred around its main priority: the customer. Its 15-strong team is made up of personable and approachable individuals, with the exemplary levels of dedication, knowledge and professionalism you'd expect from E-Type.

Staff members have won countless awards for their restoration work - including at Salon Privé and Villa d'Este concours events - owned the legendary E-Type themselves and are truly passionate about all classic cars. Between them, the team has decades upon decades of experience at the highest level of classic restoration and maintenance.

E-Type UK offers immaculately restored cars with the perfectionist touch the company has become famous for. It's also among the digital leaders in the classic car world, adding modern content to a vintage world with a series of engaging videos on its cars and processes.

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