Mercedes me Adapter: Search for a Parking Space

From: Cars | November 29, 2017 at 05:11 PM
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Mercedes me is a range of innovative online services designed to enhance your Mercedes-Benz experience. Accessible via mobile, tablet or PC, Mercedes me lets you enjoy the highest standards of care and support, in a way that integrates seamlessly with your busy lifestyle.

In their latest video on YouTube, Mercedes me stated that people are always searching for something. They search for excitement, quiet, contact, safety and often for parking.

With automatic location memory and many other features the Mercedes me Adapter can help finding the right parking space. The Mercedes me Adapter links your vehicle very simply with your smartphone via Bluetooth®, allowing you to experience the dialogue with your vehicle in a totally new way. You can automatically record the routes you drove or the refueling stops you made on your smartphone, quickly and easily locate your parked vehicle and always keep an eye on current vehicle data such as odometer reading and tank fill level.

At any time and conveniently with the Mercedes me Adapter app. Benefit from our individual Maintenance Management and receive suitable offers for your service appointment from your Mercedes-Benz Service partner. In the case of a breakdown or accident, prompt and effective help is provided by the appropriate checklists, direct contact with customer support and the relaying of the vehicle data as well as (depending on your smartphone settings) your current position.

At the same time, you have access to a host of offers, services and information from the world of Mercedes me. The Mercedes me Adapter is inserted into the diagnostics interface (the so-called “OBD2 connector”) of your vehicle. This interface allows the Mercedes me Adapter to read vehicle data and send them to your personal smartphone via Bluetooth®. This gives you the possibility to access these data with the Mercedes me Adapter app and use all functionalities. You access your personalized world of Mercedes-Benz through the Mercedes me portal.

Video Source: Mercedes-Benz
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