Excitement and Entertainment Offered by Three Ferrari Talents

From: Cars | November 29, 2017 at 08:11 PM
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Three Ferrari talents offered excitement and entertainment on the track at Fiorano: Charles Leclerc, Antonio Fuoco and the 488 GTB equipped with the twin-turbo engine named Engine of the Year for two consecutive years.

Queen of the road and track. The 488 GTB is an absolute star close to the hearts of Ferrari’s more sport oriented customers, offering road performance worthy of the track, with unmatched steering and handling, outstanding power and torque, minimal turbo lag and cutting edge technologies. These qualities led the track versions of the 488 to excel in the WEC world championship and to win races and international and domestic championships on three continents. In 2017 the 488 Challenge made a hugely successful debut in the Ferrari one-make championship, meeting the approval of over 100 customer drivers who chose to compete in it.

Entertainment and fun. Fuoco and Leclerc used this perfect car to put on a show at Fiorano. They had a great time getting the most out of it on the twisty corners and then punishing the world champion engine on the straights where all Ferraris first see the light of day. The most entertaining moments the three Maranello talents enjoyed on track can be seen in this video that Antonio and Charles wanted to dedicate to fans and enthusiasts.

Video Source: Ferrari
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