Fiat 500 Mirror: Drives you into the Future.

From: Cars | December 28, 2017 at 11:12 AM
Fiat 500 Mirror: Drives you into the Future.
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 The new Fiat 500 Mirror features the Uconnect™ 7’’ HD LIVE system, which enables the driver to answer calls, exchange messages or choose the perfect tracks and playlists for every trip. All with a simple touch.

The Uconnect™ 7” HD LIVE system has Uconnect™ LIVE which is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™.

The standard features on the new Fiat 500 Mirror include Apple CarPlay compatibility.

Apple CarPlay is the smartest, safest way to use your iPhone at the wheel. With the key functions and main Apps, specifically adapted for CarPlay, on the screen of your Fiat 500 Mirror, you can access navigation info, make calls, send and receive messages and listen to music without taking your mind off the road. Siri lets you use the main functions of your smartphone by means of voice controls, with the added options of the touchscreen or steering-wheel controls.

Android Auto™ makes it easier to access your contents and Apps at the wheel, without putting safety at risk. The user-friendly interface displays your Apps on the screen of your Fiat 500 Mirror in easy-to-read pages. Google Maps gives you access to real-time traffic info and much more, while the best hands-free technology lets you make calls and send and receive messages without taking your hands off the wheel.


Behind the wheel of the New Fiat 500 Mirror, it’s all about technology and innovation. From the Uconnect™ 7" HD LIVE system, compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™, to the leather steering wheel with voice controls, not to mention the design of the dashboard which matches the livery: sit back and let yourself be driven towards a brand new driving experience.

New Fiat 500 Mirror welcomes you and your passengers into a pleasant and comfortable environment, thanks to brand new seats offering cutting edge solutions for regulating the height, and rear seats that can be lowered 50/50.

The timeless iconic identity of 500 combines with cutting edge details to breathe life into the New Fiat 500 Mirror, such as the exclusive Azzurro Italia colour, in tone with that of the connectivity or the alloy wheels and chrome details that create a futuristic feel.

The technology of the New Fiat 500 also serves to enhance the security of the vehicle. You and your passengers can rely on 7 airbags at the front and sides to protect you in case of a crash.

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