Michelin CrossClimate+: Safe in Every Weather Condition

February 08, 2019 at 12:02 PM
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Michelin has long been dedicated to understanding drivers' needs.

Unexpected weather changes are a real concern for consumers, which is creating a demand from drivers seeking to arm themselves against these changing conditions.

Michelin listens to drivers and understands. That’s why Michelin had announced a major innovation delivering revolutionary performance:


The Michelin Crossclimate+ is a tire with a high level of performance and safety, in all weather conditions.

It is able to cope with unexpected weather due to its revolutionary performance in dry braking, wet grip and traction on snow, from the first Kilometer to the last!

Innovative compound for safety in every weather condition

The grip-maximizing compound provides flexibility to enable indentation in the ground, whatever the temperature.

Rigid and bevel-edged tread blocks for optimized safety on dry roads

Rigid and bevel-edged tread block design improves dry braking performance.

A unique tread pattern for mobility on snow from the 1st to the last mile and optimized longevity: 

- The unique V-shaped and lasting tread pattern maximizes the clawing effect on snow from the 1st to the last mile.

- High rigidity of the tread pattern optimizes the longevity performance.

High-Performing sips for safety in summer and mobility on snow from the 1st to the last mile:

- The 3D sips are full-depth for long-lasting mobility on snow and self-locking for effective dry grip

- As the tire wears, emerging grooves open to deliver long-lasting traction on snowy roads.

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