Michelin Released PRIMACY 4 Tire For Both, Wet and Dry Roads

February 20, 2019 at 05:02 PM
After three years of development, Michelin, the world’s leading tire technology pioneer, released the MICHELIN PRIMACY 4.

True to its Mission of sustainable mobility, this latest update of the popular PRIMACY range, the MICHELIN PRIMACY 4 tire is a reference in Tire safety, providing a high level of performance in both dry and wet roads.

Going with its tagline of “Safe when new, Safe when worn”, the Michelin Primacy 4 tire responds to the customers’ need of long lasting performance with exceptional braking results from new until it is worn (up to level of tread wear indicator) even when tested in most demanding wet conditions. Thanks to the use of latest generation elastomers, The Michelin Primacy 4 tire delivers a very high level of grip, from the first to the last kilometer, without compromising longevity. To achieve this level of grip, the tread pattern has been optimized with the new design that reveals squarer and less tapered grooves.

MICHELIN PRIMACY 4 offers an excellent level of performance in braking on both dry and wet roads, it brakes on average 0.8m shorter than its direct competitors in dry condition. And when compared to competitor tires in wet condition, the Michelin Primacy 4 tire brakes, on average, 0.9m shorter than its direct competitors and when tested in worn condition, it brakes 2.8m shorter than the average of the competitor tires.

This innovative tire also simplifies the reading of its wear level. In addition to the presence of a traditional wear indicator on the shoulder, it also has a MICHELIN marking at the bottom of the tread grooves. These two methods allow users to quickly and simply identify the level of wear of their tires.

Compared to its direct competitors, the Michelin Primacy 4 lasts an average of 18,000 kilometers more; confirming the long lasting performance of the new tires designed by Michelin. The Michelin Primacy 4 tire is a concrete demonstration of the Michelin Group’s strategy: consumers must be able to drive safely, throughout the life of the tire, right down to the legal wear indicator of 1.6 mm.

Designed for hatchbacks, entry to premium sedans and cross-overs, MICHELIN PRIMACY 4 is already OE homologated by Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo and Jaguar for some of their vehicle models in specific markets across the world.
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