Renault Megane R.S. Trophy: The Most Interesting Sporty Hatchback to Drive Every Day!

July 02, 2020 at 05:07 PM
Renault Megane R.S. Trophy: The Most Interesting Sporty Hatchback to Drive Every Day!
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Everyday just got more exhilarating

Trophy versions are known for their thoroughbred efficiency combining performance and accuracy. Look forward to greater performance and a sportier design from the newest Renault MEGANE R.S. TROPHY.



Offered with the choice of a manual or dual-clutch EDC gearbox, and equipped with a new version of the 1.8-litre turbo engine, power is increased to 300hp through superior upgrades to the turbo and exhaust system.


More power

At 300hp, the New Renault MEGANE R.S. TROPHY takes performance to a new level. Technology coming directly from Formula 1®, the turbocharger's turbine is now mounted on a ceramic ball bearing for a shorter response time.


New Renault MEGANE R.S. TROPHY offers a choice between two transmissions: manual gearbox (400 Nm) and dual-clutch EDC gearbox (420 Nm).


More sensation

The new dual sound exhaust valve system contributes to maximizing engine performance. A valve system - actuated automatically depending on the driving mode selected via the Multi-Sense – offers a double sound.


The position of the valve, controlled by the Multi-Sense mode, the engine speed and load, provides two tones: when open, the valve causes reduced flow resistance, enabling the gases to be routed along a more direct path.

This allows the engines sporty and acoustic potential to be fully expressed.


More precision

New Renault MEGANE R.S. TROPHY benefits from all the innovations introduced with MEGANE R.S., such as the 4CONTROL four-wheel steering system. Featuring the Cup chassis as standard boasts stiffer suspension and a Torsen® mechanical limited slip differential, enabling better cornering and traction.


As for the brakes, the bi-material discs provide better endurance and the Brembo® brake calipers guarantee optimum braking performance.


More feel

The new Recaro® seats* allow the driver's position to be lowered by up to 20 mm. The position of the rigid bucket squab can be finely adjusted and the Alcantara® upholstery contributes to giving perfect support under driving conditions.


More grip

Recognisable by its specific 19-inch triple tone alloy wheels, New Renault MEGANE R.S. TROPHY has Bridgestone® Potenza S001 tires to offer exceptional grip and responsiveness.

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