Militem Presented the Magnum Adventure

July 24, 2022 at 04:07 PM
Militem Presented the Magnum Adventure
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MAGNUM ADVENTURE is the second new arrival from luxury brand, MILITEM. It will  join the renewed range, one that has seen the recent debut of the FERŌX500, unveiled at the first German dealership in Düsseldorf.

The introduction of the MILITEM MAGNUM ADVENTURE coincides with the naming of a second German dealership, this time in Berlin: Autohaus Kramm. The space opened in 1990, just after the fall of the Berlin Wall. It specializes in American cars and has become the number one reseller of US vehicles in the city. With the addition of the MILITEM range, Autohaus Kramm is aiming to attract high-class clientele who are fascinated by exclusive cars. The MILITEM line-up features Italian design and engineering modifications to American models, symbolizing MILITEM’s mission: ‘American Tech-Italian Made’. MILITEM redefines iconic American models with craftsmanship, class and unmistakable ‘Made in Italy’ taste to enhance the style and overall driving experience, creating unique vehicles for the luxury sector.


Each MILITEM is a hand-finished masterpiece with its comfort and luxury denoted by its cabin. It is this unconventional blend of aggressive ‘muscle car’ bodyshape and prestigious interior that we find in the MILITEM MAGNUM. Its functional edge never compromises the refined materials and finish. The Italian leather seats are fitted by hand and clients have the option of Alcantara® inserts. Climbing on board the MAGNUM is a sensorial experience!

MILITEM, with the MAGNUM, has reinvented the RAM 1500 Laramie Night Edition, radically changing its market positioning. In fact, the MILITEM MAGNUM combines the size of a versatile 4x4 pick-up with the design cues of a limousine. Every MILITEM is the perfect blend of American DNA and majestic Italian craftsmanship. This look is applied to the bodywork, a complete revision of the cabin using exquisite materials and technical interventions to the suspension, brakes, exhaust set-up and wheel rims.

The cabin is extremely spacious. Luxury and attention to detail are clear. The car’s ride height makes the MILITEM MAGNUM unique of its kind: this is no normal pick-up.

MILITEM MAGNUM stands out for its unrivalled all-terrain capacity, its high degree of functionality, superb safety levels and undisputed versatility. It has an unmistakable presence, is practical, strong and delivers high-class performance.



- Over 30 m² of natural leather, worked by hand by a team of experts

- 1.000 meters of thread

- 14 different leather color combinations

- Over 200 hours of expert work, for technical and aesthetic upgrades

- Over 1500 hours of prototype testing before it entered production

Despite its clear off-road character, clients who already own a MILITEM have no problems using it in any setting. It is urban as MILITEM is a status symbol, nautical as it can be used to tow boats or for practicing outdoor sports. To meet the needs of this client profile, MAGNUM, just like the FERŌX, is now available in the ADVENTURE version.

MILITEM MAGNUM ADVENTURE can be tweaked by the client, adding to the standard edition the ADVENTURE pack. This is a complete set of components that underline the multiple off-road abilities of this amazing pick-up. MILITEM MAGNUM ADVENTURE introduces a dedicated roll-bar with an anti-scratch finish. This adds another new aspect to the original model while also allowing a set of stowable LEDs to be fitted; a feature that improves off-road safety levels at night.

Even the wheel arches and bumpers have been given the special anti-scratch treatment.




•        Anti-scratch finish to the bumpers

•        Anti-scratch finish to front bumper detailing

•        Black edition wheel rims with anti-scratch finish

•        Anti-scratch finish to rear bumper detailing

•        Rollbar with anti-scratch finish

•        LED supplementary roof lights


As well as this optional ADVENTURE pack, here is the list of special features on the standard MILITEM MAGNUM:


•            MILITEM body-colored grille

•            MILITEM body-colored Extra Tire Coverage mudguards

•            MILITEM Black Performance twin tailpipes

•            MILITEM Black Edition 20”alloy rims

•            MILITEM widened All-Terrain tires

•            MILITEM Extreme Performance Lift Kit

•            MILITEM kit dedicated suspension




•           MILITEM seats in Fiore leather and Alcantara®

•            MILITEM door and dashboard inserts in Fiore leather

•            MILITEM steering wheel in Fiore leather

•            MILITEM plush carpets

•            MILITEM door trims

•            MILITEM plush flatbed carpet or hi-tech nautical material


MILITEM MAGNUM also boasts a twin panoramic retractable roof, LED lights and a stowable footplate. It is important to underline that each and every detail on the bodywork was designed and built to MILITEM specifications and can be chosen in VTR (as standard) or in carbon fiber (optional).


As for design, the exclusive grille defines the family feeling of MILITEM’s line-up. This sensation is reinforced by body-colored MILITEM Extra Tire Coverage mudflaps and MILITEM Black Edition 20” alloy rims teamed with widened 35x12,50 R20 All-Terrain tires.



In terms of performance and safety, MILITEM MAGNUM is about substance, not just style. In fact, this model takes safety to extreme levels with an adjustable set-up developed ad hoc by MILITEM technicians. The airsprung suspension is electronically regulated via the MILITEM Extreme Performance Lift Kit, allowing the same set-up whatever the load: the dampers adjust to the driver’s style and speed. MILITEM MAGNUM, with its five levels of electronic regulation, can overcome any obstacle off-road and, at the same time, fit into garages with low clearance.

MILITEM has also developed and engineered an integrated system to automatically open and close the flatbed via remote-control. Another distinctive element now introduced on the MILITEM MAGNUM ADVENTURE is the possibility to select hi-tech nautical material to line the flatbed. Clients can choose their preferred color tone.  This is a direct link with the sailing and yachting world, given that the MAGNUM’s towing capacity touches 3.500 kg and that it has a towbar fitted as standard. MILITEM MAGNUM can easily pull powerful boats.

MILITEM MAGNUM offers a series of important, high-quality solutions available on the RAM 1500 Laramie Night Edition. These include the infotainment system and its 12” display, a satnav with European maps, and a Harman Kardon stereo. It also features a range of ADAS safety kit: an anti-collision system, lane keeping, assisted braking with a warning beep, parallel and perpendicular parking system, blind sport monitoring, adaptive cruise control, 360° camera, front and rear parking sensors and a rear-mounted camera.



MILITEM MAGNUM is powered by an iconic, potent 5.7-liter V8 Hemi engine. The unit boasts a maximum power output of 401bhp at 5.600 rpm and torque of 556 Nm at 3.950 rpm. The engine uses a Multi-Displacement System (MDS) that allows only 4 of the 8 cylinders to be used, reducing consumption and cutting CO2 levels.

MILITEM MAGNUM is equipped with a 48V mild-hybrid eTorque engine, with a specific alternator that recharges the lithium-ion batteries when on the move and braking. This technology ensures more power and, at the same time, brings down consumption and emissions by 10%. The hybrid system kicks in mainly at low revs, when accelerating, to ensure supplementary torque of 176 Nm.

MILITEM MAGNUM comes in a petrol, or Bifuel and GPL version with a Prins system; a leader in the sector. It is possible to use E85 bioethanol, which is greener than standard fuel and used extensively abroad.

Consumption levels are: urban 15.7/ extra urban 10.7/ combined 14.9 (l/100km). CO2 emissions are: 352 g/km.

MILITEM MAGNUM features an 8-speed automatic gearbox with 4WD that can be selected electronically. Off-road, the MILITEM MAGNUM shows its 4x4 ability with an attack angle of 23.1°, departure angle 27.1°, ramp angle 28°, minimum clearance 260 mm.


MILITEM builds its models in small production runs with an extensive range of standard options. However, clients can enhance their car with numerous optionals and personalize the car’s interior thanks to a vast number of leather, fabric and technical fiber options.

The MAGNUM range can be ordered in four colors: Diamond Black, Flame Red, Billet Silver, Granite Crystal and Ivory Tricoat. List prices start at 99.850 Euro for the MILITEM MAGNUM and 101.240 Euro for the MILITEM MAGNUM ADVENTURE, VAT included and turnkey.

MILITEM’s vehicles have European homologation and are subject to German TÜV safety regulations, one of the world’s leading independent technical associations.

All MILITEM models are covered by a European warranty for 36 months or 100.000 km. This can be extended to 72 months and unlimited mileage.

MILITEM’s first corporate showroom was established in Monza but the brand’s commercial network includes three dealerships in Italy: in Bologna, Padova and Mantua. MILITEM also has three showrooms abroad: two in Germany and one in the Principality of Monaco, with other dealers to be added over the coming weeks.

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